Heads Up! You're viewing the docs for v3.0, an old version of Karma. v6.4 is the newest.


Codio is a web-based cloud integrated development environment that supports almost any programming language. Every project gets its individual Box: an instantly available server-side development environment with full terminal access. Unlimited panels and tabs, and a plethora of productivity features.

Customize your Codio Project #

Next to the help menu you will see the "Configure" option, if you don't see it click the little arrow near the end and then select "Configure".

This opens a .codio file which you can customize and use rather than entering commands in Terminal. Replace the existing text with the text below:

// Configure your Run and Preview buttons here.

// Run button configuration
  "commands": {
    "Karma Start": "karma start --no-browsers"
    "Karam Run": "karma run"

// Preview button configuration
  "preview": {
    "Karma Preview": "http://{{domain}}:8080"

If you wish, you can change the port for the Karma Preview entry, but make a note of the change as you will need to include that port in the karma.config js file later.

Configuration #

  • Edit the karma.conf.js and add the following:
    // hostname for the server
    hostname: require('os').hostname() + '.codio.io',
  • Review webserver port entry to ensure same port defined as entered in .codio file

      // web server port
      port: 8080,

Capture the browser manually on the local machine #

You can use your local browser.

  • Either:

    • Open a Terminal window and enter

        $ karma start --no-browsers


    • Select Karma Start from the Run menu (the 2nd from the right button).

  • Select Karma Preview from the Preview menu (the right-hand button).

  • Switch back into your Codio project and either:

    • Open a new Terminal window and enter

        $ karma run


    • Select Karma Run from the Run menu (the 2nd from the right button).

and your test will execute