Heads Up! You're viewing the docs for v3.0, an old version of Karma. v6.4 is the newest.


Cloud9 IDE is an open source web-based cloud integrated development environment that supports several programming languages, with a focus on the web stack (specifically JavaScript and NodeJS). It is written almost entirely in JavaScript and uses NodeJS on the back-end.

Configuration #

First, make sure the karma.conf.js includes the following entries:

hostname: process.env.IP,
port: process.env.PORT

Capture the browser manually on the local machine #

You can use any of your local browsers.

# Start Karma without browsers:
$ karma start --no-browsers

Now, open http://<projectName>.<cloud9User>.c9.io/ in your browser.

Run Karma unit tests with PhantomJS #

It is also possible to run headless PhantomJS on the Cloud9 server.

# Install the PhantomJS plugin:
$ npm install karma-phantomjs-launcher

# Start Karma:
$ karma start --browsers PhantomJS