Heads Up! You're viewing the docs for v0.8, an old version of Karma. v6.4 is the newest.


You are having some problems with the great Karma? Look no further. Known problems and solutions are collected here so you don't have to figure them out again and again.

If you can't find solution to your problem here, feel free to ask on the mailing list.

Before complaining, please make sure you are on the latest version.

Windows #

Tips & Tricks #

  • Use chocolatey for installation of tools. It helps. A lot.

Specific problems #

  • Chrome won't start. (Issues: #202, #74)

    1. Set CHROME_BIN like this
      > export CHROME_BIN='C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe'
    2. Increase the timeout from 5000ms to 10000ms. At 5000ms, timeouts occurred and the retry logic kicks in and eventually resolves after two to three tries.

Unix #

Tips & Tricks #

In the event that your tests fail or freeze, this may be the result of a browser having a display message show up, a browser update prompt or extension-related conflict that needs to be taken care of.