Heads Up! You're viewing the docs for v0.12, an old version of Karma. v6.4 is the newest.

Migration from v0.10

The good thing is that you don't have to migrate everything at once. You can leave all the existing projects using an older version of Karma and only use the latest version for the new projects. Alternatively, you can migrate the existing projects one at a time...

Anyway, this migration should be easy ;-) so let's get started...

cd <path-to-your-project>
npm install karma --save-dev

This will install the latest version of Karma and also update package.json of your project.

Install missing plugins #

Karma does not ship with any "default" plugins anymore. For existing projects, this should not cause any problems as NPM (when updating Karma to 0.10 using npm install karma --save-dev) added these "default" plugins into package.json as regular dependencies. For new projects, just remember you have to install all the plugins you need. These are the "default" plugins that were removed:

  • karma-jasmine
  • karma-requirejs
  • karma-coffee-preprocessor
  • karma-html2js-preprocessor
  • karma-chrome-launcher
  • karma-firefox-launcher
  • karma-phantomjs-launcher
  • karma-script-launcher

Install CLI interface #

Karma does not put the karma command in your system PATH anymore. If you want to use the karma command, please install the command line interface (karma-cli).

You probably have the karma package installed globally, in which case you should remove it first:

npm remove -g karma

And then install the command line interface:

npm install -g karma-cli

Default configuration #

autoWatch is true by default, so if you don't wanna use it make sure you set it to false. But hey, give it a shot first, it's really awesome to run your tests on every save!

NPM complaining #

In some cases NPM can run into dependency tree issues during the migration process. If you are faced with an "unsatisfied peer dependency" error, removing all of the packages (rm -rf ./node_modules) and installing them again should clear up the issue.

If you have any other issues, please ask on the mailing list.