Heads Up! You're viewing the docs for v5.0, an old version of Karma. v6.4 is the newest.


Running Karma in your TeamCity build is as simple as adding command line build step to perform the task. That is basically it.

Install Prerequisites #

The only prerequisite is Node (with npm) installed on the agent(s) you are going to use to run build on. You may decide to install Karma and Karma-related packages on the agent globally to reuse the same Karma installation by different builds.

Configure project #

Add karma-teamcity-reporter as a dependency to your project:

npm i --save-dev karma-teamcity-reporter

It is also a good idea to check that you have all karma npm dependencies listed in your package.json file (e.g. karma-jasmine, karma-phantomjs-launcher and so on) to have them being installed during the build.

Create a new TeamCity build step #

Add new build step to the build configuration: use Command Line runner and fill in Custom script text area. If you had decided not to install all your NPM dependencies globally add npm install at the beginning of the script. Then add command to run Karma, e.g.:

karma start --reporters teamcity --single-run --browsers PhantomJS --colors false

Running Karma with all these options provided via command line allows to run Karma in TeamCity build and locally in development environment (with options from configuration file).