Heads Up! You're viewing the docs for v0.8, an old version of Karma. v3.0 is the newest.


Cloud9 IDE is an open source web-based cloud integrated development environment that supports several programming languages, with a focus on the web stack (specifically JavaScript and NodeJS). It is written almost entirely in JavaScript, and uses NodeJS on the back-end.

There are two possibilities in order to run unit tests with Karma in Cloud9 IDE:

Capture the browser manually on the local machine

Open http://<projectName>.<cloud9User>.c9.io/ in your browser.

Run Karma unit tests with PhantomJS in cloud9 IDE

Install PhantomJS

PhantomJS must be installed with npm install phantomjs.

Configure Karma

The karma.conf.js file (tried it out for the AngularJS foodme app) must include the following entries:

browsers = ['PhantomJS'];
hostname = process.env.IP;
port = process.env.PORT;
runnerPort = 0;